About Us

Dear guests,

Welcome to Zott’o! Situated in the second district of Vienna, our restaurant on Schmelzgasse stands for the fine pleasures of Austrian cuisine, which we further refine with a touch of Mediterranean finesse. Whether you like it traditional or modern, one will always find something to their taste. Guests can enjoy the atmosphere of our stylish rooms while savouring dishes like Cordon Bleu, Cordon Rouge, Tafelspitz and Krustenspitz, as well as the delicious and hearty roast pork. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you with any details, providing recommendations and knowledge about our gourmet range of dishes.

In summer, we invite you to take a seat in our beautiful Schanigarten in the heart of district 2 for chic al fresco dining. Our dining space is also ideal for venue hire, so if you’re looking for suitable premises for a private party, just get in touch.


We look forward to welcoming you as our guest at Zott’o.